Fav 3+1: Elsje Helewaut (Elisa Waut)

Luc Van Acker ft Anna Domino - Zanna

Elsje: "A classic, yes.
I like the laziness of this song, its loungy indie atmosphere, a bit hypnotizing.
The voices of Anna Domino and Luc Vanacker don't fit together and at the same time that just makes the song sound great."

The song earned the status of 'Belpop classic' status through the years.
It features on Luc Vanacker's 'The Ship' (1985).
For this album Vanacker teamed up with Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon), Brian Nevill (Pigbag), Kevin Mulligan (Talk Back) and of course Anna Domino - once praised as
"the voice of the erotic, tense, despairing, Peggy Lee-meets-Nico, thinking woman -i.e., postmodern platinum".

Ignace - More Than Sympathy

Elsje: "A guilty pleasure maybe but a great pop song.
Every time I hear it, it brings me back to my teenage years.
Absolute '70s' nostalgia."

Ignace (Baert) is a Kortrijk based musician.
In the early 70's he worked with artists like Claude François, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Rita Deneve, Micha Marah and Nicole & Hugo (for whom he co-wrote the Eurovision entry 'Baby Baby').
'More Than Sympathy' (1973) is his signature song and a genuine Belpop classic. He also had a major hit - 'Bestseller' - in 1971 with The Lilac Street Band.

dEUS - Nothing Really Ends

Elsje: "I know it's not an unknown gem either, but still I would like to highlight this great track.
I'm not really into dEUS but this song caught me from the first listen.
Fashion designer Dries Van Noten used it for a parade I attended; the combination of this timeless track with what we were shown on the catwalk was perfect.
It was a lovely evening and I cherish the memory."

'Nothing Really Ends' was not intended for a dEUS studio album: it was released as a separate single in 2001 and later included on the 'No More Loud Music' compilation album.
Four years later it appeared as bonus track on the 'Pocket Revolution' album.

Elisa Waut - You're OK

Elsje: " 'You're OK' is one of my favourite Elisa Waut-songs.
I wrote it high above the clouds, on an airplane on the way to Nepal.
The sky was crystal clear and we enjoyed wonderful views of lakes, forests and the sumptuous planes of Mongolia.
It was a strange but fascinating experience: it gave me the feeling of nothingness and bliss at the same time."

'You're OK' is on the album 'Angelus', released in 1996 on Blue Flame Records (D) and is included in our Belgian Nuggets 'Chillout Acoustic Songs' Spotify Playlist