Fav 3+1: Marieke Hutsebaut (The Spectors)

Beech - Fifteen Years

Marieke: "Beech supported us at Trix recently and did a great job. Despite the name of the genre, so-called 'slacker pop' (slacker=luilak), the music is not boring, it's exciting and very fresh."

BEECH is the band of Kristof Souvagie (see also: The Mary Heart Attack).
They compare their 'slacker' indie pop with artists like Pavement, Brian Jonestown Massacre and even Neil Young.
Early 2018 they released their maiden EP 'Tea Bag' on the Turnhout-based independent Gazer Tapes label and gathered quite a few rave online reviews!

Dead High Wire - The Germans

Marieke: "The intro of 'The Germans' gives me the feeling watching a sci-fi movie, or being abducted by aliens myself :-).
I'm a big fan of the guitar sound of Dead High Wire: its repetitive guitar riff and steady drum beat makes it reminiscent of James Chance & The Contortions, in my opinion."

DEAD HIGH WIRE is a post punk/garage rock combo from Mechelen.
'The Germans' (from the 'Satellite State Brain Drain'-EP (2016)) was recorded in Pascal Deweze's Studio Jezus-studio's in Hoboken/Antwerp.
A full album is planned for late 2018.

Mogo - Jacky & Judy

Marieke: "I might not be the ideal person for your little questionnaire: I sometimes find it rather hard to explain why I love a song or a band. But I adore Mogo, it's a great band.
And go see them live: you won't regret it!"

MOGO is a Gent-based band and describe their music as 'showbizz/postrock/no wave'. '
Jack & Judy' was picked as 'single of the week' by music blog Luminous Dash in March 2018.
Another blog called them 'the friendly version of The Jesus & Mary Chain'.
And Mogo says: 'Jack & Judy' is about sex, yes!'

The Spectors - Like Sand

Marieke: "A song from our 2015 album but I still like it very much, it's one of my favourite.
The song is about letting go: when you keep sand in your open hand, it stays there, when you squeeze your hand, it gets away."

'Like Sand' is the opening track of the 'Light Stays Close' album, produced by Chris Urbanowicz (Editors).
Early 2015 it was picked up for airplay rotation by Studio Brussel in 'Zender'.