FAV 3+1: Hugo Bourgeois (Two Russian Cowboys, Party At Vanzetti's)

De Brassers - I Heard the Scream Before (1981)

Hugo: "The Limburg miners’ answer to Joy Division, from the Brassers’ untitled EP.
The Brassers were no miners for a heart of gold, but succeeded in letting despair ooze from the grooves.
As a teenager in 1981 this choked me, like the smoke of charcoal.
This track may sound dated, but just like the age of charcoal this maybe an intrinsic quality, a fossilization that can’t be equalled."


Yamasuki's - Yamasuki (1971)

Hugo: "If music of the deranged mind exists, this may be it.
Producer Jean Klüger and papa Daft Punk, Daniël Vangarde, join forces -and brains- for this perfectly produced classic, sung in pseudo-Japanese.
The track is a convincing banzai right into the heart of Belgian surrealism.
Yet there is some Babylonian misunderstanding, as this song became a hit at toddler parties in the seventies. Or is there no misunderstanding at all?"


The Hickey Underworld - Future Words (2009)

Hugo: "This song floors me.
Over and over and over again…
It makes me stammer. The singer’s credibility; the rhythm section’s
fever that transcends all possible fevers from dengue to love fever.
Guitars suffer from rabies, the song structures are unorthodox, to say the least.
This virus should spread worldwide."


'Future Words' is included in our 'Pure Indie Rock - by Belgian Nuggets' Spotify Playlist

Two Russian Cowboys - The Spider In Love (2005)

Hugo: "Luc Dufourmont, the Spiderman of Two Russian Cowboys, was very gentle on this classic.
A historical first.
He gave room to his less world weary daughter Cleo for vocals.
Fresh is the effect.
The song is very spiderly, setting the nation and others on fire, in a creepy crawly way."


'The Spider In love' is included in our 'Belpop Secrets - by Belgian Nuggets' Spotify Playlist