Fav 3+1: Geert Plessers (Confuse The Cat, Pastel Ruins, Reiziger)

Johnny Berlin - Sid Meier (Sure Thing)

Geert: 'One brief moment in pop history, they were Belgium's finest. They disappeared into oblivion, but not until they released this great song, from their third and last album.
A musical magnet!'

JOHNNY BERLIN was a Sint-Truiden-based post punk/new wave band.
They released three albums ('I Am Johnny Berlin' (2006) / 'Find what you love and let it kill you' (2008) / 'Hyber Nation' (2012).)
The singles 'Four' and 'Bender Parts' were played regularly on Studio Brussel.
In 2013 they split.

'Sid Meier (Sure Thing)' (2012/taken from 'Hyber Nation' album) is included in our 'Belgian Nuggets: Pure Indie Rock' Spotify Playlist

Marble Sounds - Smoking Was A Day Job

Geert: 'The way Pieter Van Dessel sings is breathtaking and then I didn't mention the brass- and string arrangements yet; Belgium: One Million Points!'

MARBLE SOUNDS is centered around Pieter Van Dessel and Gianni Marzo (see: Isbells).
Since 2007 they released 1 EP and 3 albums.

In 2013 they hit the charts with the sugar sweet lullaby song 'Leave The Light On'.

'Smoking Was A Day Job' (2010/taken from the 'Nice Is Good' album) is included in our 'Belgian Nuggets: Indie & Folk Radio' Spotify Playlist

Believo! - Pure

Geert: 'Believo!' was a band from Turnhout(-Noord!). Their noise pop gave me kind of a 'we-the-boys-against-the-rest-of-the-world'-vibe. How I miss their on-stage banter!'

BELIEVO! was centered around Dirk Thielemans (Confuse The Cat, Pastel Ruins), Ben Van Der Moeren and Fik Dries (Poppel). They released two albums on Zeal Records.

'Pure' (2012/taken from the 'Hard To Find' album) is included in our 'Belgian Nuggets: Pure Indie Rock' Spotify Playlist

Confuse The Cat - Principezza

Geert: in Dutch: 'Wanneer de meezinger ‘daddy, daddy cool’ werd ingezet kwamen de eerste schadeclaims binnen en volgde er een lange polonaise richting de Rode Kruisstand. CTC was live een zevenkamp achter derny’s.'

CONFUSE THE CAT (a reference to the famous Monty Python sketch) released four albums on Zeal Records.
For vocalist Geert Plessers (see also Reiziger, Pastel Ruins), the recording sessions for the 'We Can Do It' album were the ultimate chemotherapy treatment for his cancer.
Confuse The Cat was a huge incendiary powder keg fuelled by an unstoppable lust for life.

'Principezza' (2008/taken from the 'We Can Do It' album) is included in our 'Belgian Nuggets: Pure Indie Rock' Spotify Playlist