Belpop Secrets: Walther - Wall Of Change (Hannes Walther Cuyvers) - from the 'Wall Of Change' single (2017)

Walther began as a solo project by Gent-resident Hannes Walther Cuyvers.
Alexander Le Bris, Sam Enthoven and Lani Pellegrini joined Hannes in 2016.
Their music can be labelled as 'dreamy indie folk'.
They made to the semi finals of Humo's Rock Rally in 2018 (Humo: 'Walther makes music like Nick Drake would have, if he was born in 1998')

'Wall Of Change' was also selected for Studio Brussel's 'De Nieuwe Lichting' 2018 competition, but didn't make it to the final 8: a mistake, in our humble opinion.

We think 'Wall Of Change' is a sublime indie folk song of international class.
That's why we picked it to be our second 'Belpop Secret' and drop it - permanently - in our eponymous Spotify playlist.

'Wall Of Change' is - permanently - included in our Belgian Nuggets 'Belpop Secrets' Spotify Playlist