Benjamin Schoos - I Love You (Benjamin Schoos/Dodi El Sherbini) - from the 'Night Music, Love Songs' album (2016)

Benjamin Schoos (Miam Monster Miam, producer, singer, composer, DJ, columnist, ...) is a household name in Wallonia but virtually unknown in Flanders.
'I Love You' is the fruit of a nightly improvization session - Schoos: 'un petit miracle de production, un accident heureux'.
The first take, the demo actually, is also the final version, as it was impossible to reproduce the spontaneous fragility of the first version in a studio setting.

'I Love You' is an utterly enjoyable, warm pop/soul epic.
Our very first 'Belpop Secret', ready to be discovered.

'I Love You' is - permanently - included in our Belgian Nuggets 'Belpop Secrets' Spotify Playlist