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Discover the Belgian music scene past and present through our regularly updated facts and insights, our Belgian Nuggets Spotify playlists and the Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s compilation series.

DIGITAL - Belgian Nuggets Spotify Playlists

Every day Belgian musicians create outstanding music.
A small portion of that music finds its way to the public at large but the lion’s share only reaches a niche audience or quickly sinks into oblivion.
Bands fold, leaving their members to invest their talent in new projects or abandon the scene altogether.

Of course, our national radio stations only have so much airplay to dole out and, whether they like or not, 
there are numerous factors to take into account. 

Far be it from us to claim we can rescue the fruit of that blossoming talent from the bin but a platform like Spotify makes it possible to put the spotlight on certain songs and artists and, gods willing, help them make a name for themselves.

Compiled through expert knowledge and with an unconditional love of music, our Belgian Nuggets Spotify playlists offer a broad overview of the Belgian music scene past (mainly 1990s+) and present in two dozen playlists categorised according to moods and genres.
We also keep a finger on the pulse with a generous but well-considered selection of the latest Belgian releases.

We’re all familiar with the rags-to-fame stories of unknown artists who are suddenly discovered on Spotify - Joep Beving anyone? - but these rarely include a Belgian artist.
With our Belgian Nuggets Spotify playlists we are secretly hoping that the next ‘international streaming sensation’ will be a hidden gem of Belgian origin.

ANALOG - Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s Compilation Series

In addition to our new digital platform, we also launched a cool and ambitious analogue project at the end of last year.
The Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s compilation series collects lesser known yet superior Belgian songs dating back to that period.
The releases give an extensive overview of the Belgian music landscape between roughly 1990-2010.
In the early 90s, home-grown Belgian talent and quality was starting to make some serious waves on the international scene, turning Belgian music into a hallmark of quality.
This is the period and evolution Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s aims to capture.
Established artists such as dEUS, Dead Man Ray, Vive La Fête, Mauro Pawlowski, Elisa Waut and Wizards Of Ooze have been gracious enough to feature on our track lists.
But we’ve also managed to dig up gold nuggets from less established or even totally obscure bands and it’s these hidden gems that characterise the treasure hunt vibe of the Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s series.

In addition to a careful track selection, no effort is spared in terms of visuals: the cover photo of our first volume is courtesy of Magnum photographer Harry Gruyaert whereas Frieke Janssens ('Sweetest Taboo', 'Smoking Kids') is responsible for the cover of volume 2.
Every volume is released on vinyl (2-LP gatefold) and CD (3-panel digisleeve) with detailed liner notes on each track.

Part one was a smash hit. 
We chalked up rave reviews both at home and abroad (Knack Focus, Humo, Het Nieuwsblad, De Morgen, De Volkskrant (NL), OOR (NL), The Wire (UK), etc.) and even famous Dutch writer Nico Dijkshoorn sung our praises in his column.

Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s, volume 2 is set for release on 25 May.

Let us surprise you and discover our wonderful Belpop gems in the Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s series !